Our April Speaker – David Ross, Editor of the new Times Advocate

The Times-Advocate, the new newspaper with the old name, is a new community paper launched in 2014 on-line with the first print edition in July 2014.

The Times-Advocate is a print publication, distributed free throughout Valley Center, Pauma, Palomar, Pala and Escondido to approximately 11,000 homes and businesses.

The paper is published in two editions every other week, with an Escondido and a Valley Center edition. For a small fee to cover mailing costs readers can make sure that they don’t miss an issue.

The purpose is to keep business and community connected through locally owned and operated news and social media.

Since the departure of an area daily newspaper that served this area, both Escondido and Valley Center have hungered for local news. The mission of the Times Advocate is to provide that news. Our goal is to eventually become a weekly newspaper and to expand our coverage to all areas of interest to readers in the community. Unlike papers whose motto is “if it bleeds it leads,” our goal is to highlight the positive aspects of the community, while still keeping our readers informed about news that affects them.

Rather than being the old Times Advocate reborn, the new Times Advocate is a completely new publication written with the spirit of that old time journalism in mind.

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