Our May 15th Speaker Will Be Kristin Gaspar

KristinGasparKristin Gaspar –
Supervisor for District #3
San Diego County Board of Supervisors
will be our guest speaker for our Monday,
May 15th noontime TERC meeting.

Kristin is the youngest woman ever elected to
the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.
Prior to being elected in November 2016
as Supervisor, Kristin served as an Encinitas
City Council Member and then went on to
become the first Mayor of Encinitas.

Supervisor Gaspar is currently serving as the
Vice Chair of the Board. She believes in fiscal discipline and accountability. Kirstin is a proponent of protecting the environment and preserving open spaces.

While serving as Mayor, she led the way in
building a 44-acre community park in Encinitas
and fought to make sure sand on the coastline was
replenished. Kristin and her husband, Paul, have
three children: Carson, Payton and Addie.

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