Our Monday, March 19th, speaker will be: Eric Larson

ericlarsonSMEric Larson is the Executive Director of the
San Diego County Farm Bureau. He has held
that position since January 1997. Eric began
working in San Diego County’s agricultural industry
in 1971. Previous to joining Farm Bureau he
spent 13 years as the general manager of an agricultural
marketing cooperative after working in production agriculture.

In addition to his work in agriculture, Eric served
two terms as a member of the Carlsbad City Council
and is a past director of the Carlsbad Municipal
Water District, the San Diego County Water Authority,
and the Encina Wastewater Authority. He recently
served as chair of the committee to re-write the
City of Carlsbad’s General Plan.

After almost 50 years at their previous location
at 1670 East Valley Parkway, the Farm Bureau recently
moved to a new location at 420 S. Broadway, Escondido -
just a few blocks south of downtown Escondido.

Eric and his wife Jennifer live in Carlsbad and
have two grown sons.

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