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November 21, 2022 – Mark Gregson, Commander, USN Ret

    After graduating with an MBA in Management, Mark served 21 years as a pilot in the US Navy. He has landed and flown off many carriers in all corners of the world, including the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, South China Seas off Viet Nam and just before retirement in the North Arabian Sea. Cdr Gregson was head of training for the Navy’s newest aircraft at the time – the S3 Viking. Introducing this plane to a new crop of pilots right here in San Diego. Training included landing on carriers.  His last tour was at the Naval War College in Rhode Island where he retired in 1988.

    Following retirement, Mark obtained his commercial broker’s license and ran a  commercial brokerage firm in San Diego, CA. Mr. Gregson is an owner in several privately held companies, with assets in apartments, shopping centers and hotels, with over 45 years of experience in commercial real estate investments.  His hotel assets have included brands such as Marriott, Choice Hotels, Wyndham, and IHG.  In addition, he is currently developing affordable homes in California. Outside of his real estate portfolio, he is a principal in an action sports and casual wear company.