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September 18, 2023 – Dane White, Escondido Mayor

    Mayor Dane White

    Dane White is the new Escondido Mayor; who defeated an incumbent Democrat as a leading part of a local “red wave” in Escondido. His main topic will be “The Mayor’s Plan For Homelessness”. Please join us for another exciting meeting with The Escondido Republican Club. We look forward in seeing all of you.

    Dane White is a fifth generation Escondido resident. After attending Escondido High School and Escondido Charter, Dane decided to pursue a career in the trades rather than taking a typical college route. Dane began his career as a construction worker and eventually worked his way up to Project Manager. Dane later started his own small business, WhiteWerks Flooring LLC, providing hard surface flooring installations and refinishing throughout San Diego County.

    In addition to his career in construction, Dane has worked as a Resident Manager, operating a residence for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction as well as mental health issues.

    Dane was elected to the Escondido Union High School Board in 2016. Throughout his term, Dane has prioritized fiscal responsibility, vocational and trade education, and supporting at-risk youth. In 2020, Dane was reelected by a record setting margin.

    In November 2022, Dane was elected Mayor of Escondido, after running a campaign based on addressing the homelessness crisis, improving public safety, supporting small businesses, and lowering the cost of living.

    In his spare time, Dane is actively involved with his local church– helping run addiction recovery programs and assisting with youth activities.

    Dane lives in central Escondido with his wife Kelsey, a special education teacher, and their two daughters SonnyJan and Hattie.