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October 16, 2023 – Kristie Bruce-Lane, For State Assembly: District 76

    Kristie Bruce-Lane is a businesswoman who has proven there are still leaders who can get things done in California. She knows that taxes are too high, the homelessness epidemic is out of control, and Sacramento politicians are driving California off a cliff. Kristie knows that California can do better.

    Raised in an agricultural family, Kristie understands the value of hard work and developed a tireless work ethic at an early age.  Her first job was in a donut shop at the age of 14 where she arrived before dawn.  She paid her own way through college by working several jobs before beginning a successful career in agriculture and health care.

    Following her private sector career, Kristie served her community on a Regional Task Force focused on identifying and addressing the root causes of homelessness. She is also the Founder and President of The Thumbprint Project Foundation, which aids in the transitioning of homeless children who have been impacted by Childhood Domestic Violence. In addition, she also serves on the Salvation Army Metropolitan Board and the Impact Committee that focuses on those experiencing homelessness. Kristie cares about our two most vulnerable populations, our children and our elderly. In the past, she served on a foundation as Chair of Business Partnerships focusing on at-risk youth where she raised funds to financially bridge under served youth to college. She is also an advocate for the California Nursing Home Reform organization to raise awareness and advocate for nursing home reform.

    After years of volunteer work in the San Diego community, Kristie was elected to serve on the San Diego Water Board as a Director of Division 4 Olivenhain Municipal Water. There she prioritized providing San Diego families with access to high-quality and affordable drinking water and worked to implement common sense preventative measures to mitigate the threat of future droughts, increase transparency, and address fiscal accountability on behalf of the ratepayers. 

    Sacramento politicians aren’t getting the job done. Suffocating regulations and ever-increasing tax rates are killing working class jobs and crushing California’s families and small businesses. These ineffective and wasteful big government policies are driving Californians toward the state line at record rates.

    San Diego used to be the Golden City of the Golden State. People would travel from all corners of the world for the chance to live here. Sacramento politicians are making our once-great state unlivable. California can do better. With a proven leader like Kristie Bruce-Lane, California can once again be the state of endless opportunity where people and businesses can thrive.