February 2016 – Escondido City Planner Graham Mitchell

January 2016 – Brett WInterble


December 2015 – Deputy Mayor Mike Morasco

November 2015 – Roger Hedgecock

October 2015 – Congressman Duncan Hunter

September 2015 - Assemblywoman Marie Waldron

June 2015 – Freedom Dogs

May 2015 – Mike Harrison, Candidate for California State Assembly

April 2015 – David Ross, Editor of the new Times Advocate

March 2015 – San Diego County Assessor/Recorder Ernie Dronenburg

February 2015 – Escondido Director of Public Works Edward Domingue

January 2015 – Escondido City Attorney Jeffrey Epp


December 2014 – State Senator Joel Anderson

November 2014 – Assemblymember Marie Waldron

October 2014 – Congressman Duncan Hunter

September 2014 – Candidates!

August 2014 – John Franklin and Dr. Luis Rankins-Ibarra

July 2014 – Tony Krvaric, Chairman, San Diego County Republican Party

June 2014 – Herb Zoehrer representing the USS Midway Museum

May 2014 – Dr. Greg Quist, President of the Rincon del Diablo Water Board

April 2014 County Treasurer – Tax Collector Dan McAllister

March 2014 Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter

February 2014 Escondido Fire Chief Mike Lowry

January 2014 Radio Talk Show Host Mike Slater


December 2013 Escondido Mayor Sam Abed

November 2013 California Assemblymember Marie Waldron

October 2013 Candidate for San Diego County Superior Court Judge - Ken Gosselin

September 2013 San Diego County Supervisor David Roberts

June 2013 President of the Escondido Union School District Board (EUSD – Elementary/Junior High) Joan Gardner

May 2013 – Escondido City Councilman - Ed Gallo

April 2013 – Talk Show Host and Executive Producer Brett Winterble

March 2013 – Jan Goldsmith, San Diego City Attorney

February 2013 – ‘Honor Flight San Diego’

January 2013 – Escondido Mayor Sam Abed


December 2012 – State Senator for California’s 38th District Mark Wyland

November 2012 – Mirek Gorny – Naturalized American Citizen

October 2012 - Escondido City Council Candidate Forum:

The Escondido Republican Club (TERC) will be hosting an ‘Escondido City Council Candidate Forum’ for their October 15th meeting. There are two openings on the Council and the seven candidates who are running for these positions have been invited to participate. Listed alphabetically the candidates are: Richard Alegre, Michael Collins, Olga Diaz, Deborah Goodrich, Don Greene, Carmen Miranda and Michael Morasco.
Note: The meeting time will be extended from noon until 1:30 PM in order to allow adequate time for the forum.

September 2012 - Marie Waldron - Escondido Deputy Mayor and Candidate for State Assembly – 75th District
And Richard Alegre – Candidate for Escondido City Council
August 2012 – Escondido Councilman Mike Morasco
July 2012 – ‘The Election Integrity Project’ Ruth Weiss
June 2012 – Board Member, Escondido Union Elementary School District (EUESD)Joan Gardner
May 2012 – Candidates for California’s U.S. Senator
April 2012 — San Diego County Supervisor District No. 3 Candidate Forum
March 2012 — Registrar of Voters, San Diego County, California Deborah Seiler
February 2012 — Escondido Police Chief Jim Maher
January 2012 — City Attorney, City of Escondido, Jeffrey Epp


December 2011– President/Founder Escondido Charter High School District ‘Coach’ Dennis Snyder
November 2011 52nd Congressional District Congressman Duncan D. Hunter
October 2011 Radio Talk Show Host Mike Slater
September 2011 – Chairman California Republican Party Tom Del Beccaro
June 2011 – Retired Congressman Duncan Lee Hunter
May 2011 Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations John Murakami
April 2011 Code Enforcement Officer with the City of Escondido Albert ‘Al’ Bates
March 2011 San Diego County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price
February 2011 Senator 38th Senate District Mark Wyland
Ca. State Assemblyman Martin Garrick – postponed until a later date
January 2011 - Mitchell Dion – Rincon Del Diablo Water District – General Manager


December 2010 – Escondido Mayor Sam Abed
November 2010 - Eric Golub - Republican Comedian, Author, Blogger

October 2010 Escondido Mayoral Candidate Forum
September 2010 Escondido City Council Candidate Forum; Frank Kacer discussing the State Propositions
June 2010 Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host Roger Hedgecock
May 2010 — Candidates for State Senate District 36 – alphabetically listed:
K.C. Dickson; Greg Stephens; Jeff Stone
Craig Candelore – candidate for Superior Court Judge Seat #14
Frank Kacer – Discussion of June 8th Primary Ballot Propositions

April 2010 – San Diego County Sheriff Candidate Forum AND Candidate for Secretary of State, Damon Dunn
March 2010 — Escondido Police Chief Jim Maher
February 2010 — Publisher ‘California Political News and Views’ Stephen Frankcapoliticalnews.com
January 2010 — California Insurance Commissioner and Candidate for Governor of California Steve Poizner


December 2009 — 38th Senate District State Senator Mark Wyland
November 2009 — The President of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse in San Diego Lorie Zapf
October 2009 — Founder and president of the ‘Center for Teaching the Constitution’Mr.Joseph Andrews
September 2009 — Assemblyman for California’s 70th District Candidate for United States Senate in 2010 Chuck DeVore
June 2009 — Chairman of the California Republican Party Ron Nehring
May 2009 — Author of ‘2014’ Paul C. Gardner
April 2009 – Founder and executive director of the Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego Frank Kacer
March 2009 — San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister
February 2009 — California Assemblyman 75th District Nathan Fletcher
January 2009 — Special Agent (Retired) United States Army Intelligence James Biesterfeld


December 2008 — California Assemblyman 75th District Nathan Fletcher
November 2008 — Executive Director United States Justice Foundation (USJF) Gary G. Kreep
October 2008 – Founder and executive director of the Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego Frank Kacer

September 15, 2008 Escondido City Council Candidate Forum:
All six candidates have been invited to participate. Learn about the candidates and where they stand on issues that are important to you.

June 2008 – Legislator of the Year, California State Sheriff’s Association Jay La Suer
May 2008 – Founder of “Light Up the Border” Muriel Watson
April 2008 President, “Citizens for Private Property Rights” Fred Schnaubelt
Special Meeting! Speaker Terry L. Paulson, PhD on Saturday, April 12
March 2008 Vice President of Government Affairs North San Diego County Association of Realtors Ernie Cowan
February 2008 — 50th Congressional District Congressman Brian P. Bilbray
January 2008 — Chairman-The Republican Party of SD Tony Krvaric


December 2007 — Escondido Fire Chief Vic Reed
November 2007 — Ca. State Assemblyman Martin Garrick
October 2007 – President of the North Coast Republican Club Saul Lisauskas
September 2007 — Executive Director United States Justice Foundation (USJF) Gary G. Kreep
June 2007 — Deputy Special Agent in Charge in San Diego for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
(ICE), Office of Investigations Serge S. Duarte
May 2007 — San Diego County Supervisor Pam Slater-Price
April 2007 — Lt. Col. Raymond J. Liddy
March 2007 — Escondido Police Chief Jim Maher
February 2007 – Nathan Fletcher
January 2007 — Acting Code Enforcement Manager with the City of Escondido Leslie Milks


December 2006 — Ca. State Assemblyman Martin Garrick

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